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Residential Security

Residential security, also called estate protection or estate security, safeguards people and their properties from invasions of privacy, home invasions and other crimes, threats and disturbances.Residential security depends on onsite physical protection measures that rely on a combination of technology, manpower and procedures.

For most people, the consideration for a residential security system or at least some type of countermeasure derives from the concern for protecting their assets. Assets can be the valuable property within their home or apartment, or perhaps the most valuable property of all their family.

Residential security services offer peace of mind that you, your family, home and belongings are being professionally protected from outside threats.Installing a burglar alarm and CCTV in your home can be an excellent criminal deterrent, but it is not always enough anymore, particularly if you live in a high-profile property.

Over recent years, some criminals have not only become bolder, but also more technologically-savvy, causing many people to turn to more premium residential security services for help.Whether your family are at home, or away on holiday, a residential security service will monitor the security of your property, deter criminals, and protect you from burglars, break-ins, and invasions into your privacy.

We provide recommendations according to our findings as to how your property can be better secured to minimise the risk of intrusion and crime.

This can include a combination of:

  • Security systems and a technology – Depending on your individual requirements this may include video surveillance, alarm systems, keypad entry, motion detectors, security lights, panic alarms, thermal sensors, locks, and fences.
  • Security procedures – We advise everyone living in your home of security precautions to take and procedures that should be followed in the event of a security breach to keep everyone safe and minimise damage.
  • Manned security systems – This may include 24/7 monitoring of your security systems.
  • On-site physical protection – On-site close protection officers who discretely patrol and manage your property’s security around the clock.

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