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Property Management and Maintenance

Property maintenance is the type of service you contract for when you do not have time to maintain the condition of your property in a professional manner. If you are a busy commercial property owner or landlord, it is a workable solution to help preserve the top-notch condition of your real estate assetespecially if it is subjected to heavy foot traffic daily.

Whether your facility is large or small, property maintenance should be considered an integral part of its overall protection and upkeep. Property maintenance service providers will basically act as caretakers and be primarily responsible for fixing damage and replacing equipment, as well as replenishing any supplies necessary for the efficient operation of the property.

Property Management Services

Property Inspections

Our goal is to provide an unparalleled, professional property inspection service the kind that only our operators are trained and equipped to offer. From inception, we have used its extensive experience to help clients make informed decisions when buying property, as well as guiding and supporting them when building.

Property Refurbishment

No matter how big or small the refurbishment project you have in mind for your home or office, we know when you are so spoilt for choice, choosing the right property improvement team can be daunting. We do not just pay lip service to providing you with quality, cost efficiency and care, we live those values.We guarantee to work around you, not have you live around us. We will do our utmost to meet your every requirement to bring as little disruption as possible to your lifestyle.

Property Maintenance

One of the keys to keeping the cost of a property low is through proper management and maintenance of the property. We partner with building owners and facility managers to help inspect and evaluate a building and its property to determine risks, maintenance plans, and necessary remediations.

Vacant Property

Unsecured vacant properties are seen by children as great places to play but can be far from safe. They are also seen as an easy target by vandals, arsonists and squatters, who can present a very real threat to your investment as well as holding up any plans you may have for the property. In addition, removal of illegal trespassers can be time-consuming and expensive. We will deploy a range of security measures to preserve the integrity of your property.

Property Repairs

Property repairs services mainly includes works undertaken for repairing proper condition of buildings, its services and works in ordinary use. The use for which buildings are designed is the main factor in determining the required standard of repair.Special repairs of building are undertaken to replace the existing parts of buildings and services which get deteriorated on ageing of buildings.

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